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For the easiest access to our low threshold and barrier-free showers, Best Bath recommends installing one of our strong and easy to clean shower curtains. In combination with our WaterStopper flexible water dam, this system keeps water in the shower and off your bathroom floors. These three-layer vinyl shower curtains resist mildew, stains, and tears.

Curtains and Rods

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Corner Curtain Rod Kits


1" Curtain Rod Kits For Corner Showers

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Curtain Rod

curtain rod

Standard 1" Stainless Steel Rod With Mounting Brackets

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Neo-Angle Curtain Rod Kits

neo-angle curtain rod kits

1" Curtain Rod Kits For Neo-Angle Corner Showers

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Vinyl Shower Curtains


Standard White Vinyl Shower Curtains

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